Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to turn on Hibernation in Windows 7

Some of the most irritating issues with Windows 7 is the simple things that should be intuitive and easy to do, but Microsoft has made it hard to figure out. My latest "small" issue was turning on Hibernation. Seems easy enough... just go to the power settings and turn on Hibernation... hmmm... there doesn't seem to be a setting for it!

After some hunting around on the internet, I found several "solutions". One was a command line entry, another a registry hack and my favorite, a Microsoft "FixIt" program that is supposed to turn it on. I tried the command line and the MS FixIt program but the Hibernate option never would show up on the Shutdown menu.

So after a little more research, I find the simple solution - turn off the "Allow Hybrid Sleep" in the Power Options. This worked for me without the need for all the other "solutions".

1. Go to Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Power Options.
2. Click "Change Plan Settings" on your default power plan (i.e., the one you are using).
3. Click "Change Advanced Power Settings".
4. Expand "Sleep" and "Allow Hybrid Sleep".
5. Change the "Allow Hybrid Sleep" setting to OFF
6. Done! You should have a hibernate option of the Shutdown menu.

Simple but MS makes it non-intuitive. About par for the course.

-Commander Dave

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